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LEXICON ORCHESTRA is a relatively fresh name on Moscow club stage.
But the guys have already won many hearts not only among swing' n' jive
aficionados, but also among 'gentiles' inexperienced in old music styles.
All the orchestra's musicians are no strangers to swing.
For years they have polishing their skills in many jazz,
Swing and rock'n'roll bands before getting together in the beginning of 2003.
It should be mentioned that swing and jive music virtually didn't exist in
communist Russia back in fifties. The more amazing is how carefully these
six Moscovites recreate the atmosphere of those days. It's not just the music
they play, but also hip looks and real wild stage act.
LEXICON ORCHESTRA repertory consists of many golden pieces of jazz and swing
tradition together with the guys' own songs styled so precisely you won't see
any difference. The orchestra performs in English, Italian and Spanish languages.
There are also a large number of instrumental compositions on the band's play list.

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